Tropic Journeys in Nature

"Tropic’s unparalleled knowledge and understanding of Ecuador means unrivalled, innovative, hand-crafted solutions for the most sophisticated travel tastes. What we offer is a genuine, intense interaction with destinations and local people based on mutual respect. It involves getting to know a truly authentic style of life in today’s Ecuador."

We're award–winning specialists in responsible, community-based tourism through high-quality operations and exceptional service in Ecuador. Tropic grew out of the need for a tourism operator which could demonstrate that environmental protection and cultural respect can be compatible with running a successful business. While many of Ecuador's most valuable and beautiful regions are falling victim to insensitive 'development' causing a tragic loss of biodiversity, now more than ever it is necessary to create viable economic alternatives which give value to this ecological and cultural richness.

Tropic provides exclusive encounters and unique experiences for travelers with a spirit of discovery and who are keen to explore the variety of landscapes, cultures and adventures Ecuador has to offer: The enchantment of the cloud forests with their profusion of animals and birds; the lushness of the Amazon with its rivers and ancient forest peoples; the high Andes and their spectacular snow-capped mountains, clear lakes and traditional hospitality; and the incredible wonder of the Galapagos Islands, and their incomparable geography, flora and fauna.

What makes us unique:

  • Tropic works to bring depth to travel – giving visitors the chance to ‘live’ Ecuador
  • “May I Introduce You” programs give your guests the chance to spend time with locals and discovering Ecuador’s hidden gems
  • Award-winning community-based tourism initiatives – Tropic was awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award for Engaging Communities
  • Unique lodges – including a tented safari camp in the Galapagos, an alpine lodge high in the Andes and lodges, deep in the heart of the Amazon
  • DMC and ecotourism company specializing in custom-designed adventure, nature, and cultural travel in Ecuador.
  • Travel with Tropic is also about people and environments. Guests will make a connection with locals, contribute directly to conserving precious and threatened environments, help foster respect for native and traditional peoples and cultures, and support projects that provide benefits for the communities visited.

Contact details:

Phone: (593 2) 2408-181 / 2406-850 /2404-588
Address: Pasaje Sanches Melo OE1-37 y, Av. Galo Plaza Lasso, Quito, Ecuador