Business developer for sustainable tourism

Fair Travel was employed for three consecutive years as a responsible tourism expert by Akademi Båstad, a higher vocational education in the south of Sweden. Akademi Båstad wanted to explore the idea of starting up a new education on sustainable development in tourism and therefore needed the expertise.

As an experienced lecturer and with insight in the tourism industry of Sweden, the idea and initiative was very positive and interesting. There’s a lack of knowledge about sustainability in the industry today while also, there’s a huge gap that needs to be filled by educations to both provide the knowledge through future staff but also to link the educational world with the needs of the industry.

No demand for sustainability?

Three consecutive applications was submitted over three years, where the authorities claimed that there was no need for this knowledge and that the industry isn’t in demand for it. Outrageous claims as studies, reports and industry interviews beg to differ. The previous application was rejected in January 2012 and with that in mind, I wrote a critical article on the issue as a guest columnist in Travel Report, in May 2012. Read it here. The last application written in 2012 was was finally approved in January 2013 and the first class started in September 2013.

Fair Travel part of the management team

Fair Travel was part of the management team for the new education together with other important players from the national tourism and travel industry, with a mission to secure the content and quality of the course.
Do you want to influence, change and make a difference?

The course provided knowledge of work processes, which permeates all levels to achieve sustainable development. Education is required in order to meet increased demands in the future.

Work placement

Work placement allowed development of knowledge and skills in collaboration with one or more companies.