The TREBLE – Triple Bottom Line (3BL) Approach in Sustainable Tourism Development in the Baltic Sea Region project is a 12-month assessment program started in November 2013 and is based on the awareness of the huge potential of the tourism sector to contribute to the EU 2020 and European Blue Growth agenda in terms of smart and sustainable growth, and to bring forward sustainable rural development that ensures quality of life and employment opportunities in rural settings of the Baltic Sea Region aimed at SMMEs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The initiative builds on results from previous activities and programs on Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR and Sustainable Tourism Development, through Swedish Institute partnerships and EU funded projects. The results showcase the needs for practical application and tools for sustainable tourism development and effective types of incentives when promoting CSR activities, in the Baltic Sea Region.

Fostering a green economy

TREBLE – 3BL for sustainable tourism development in the BSR has been developed with the view to implement the CBSS Strategy on Sustainable Development 2010 – 2015 under the main area of cooperation “Sustainable Urban Rural development” and “Development of sustainable tourism strategies” as well as its contribution to fostering a green economy in the Baltic Sea Region that ensures smart and sustainable growth that allows for economic profit while respecting social and environmental needs and boundaries.

Project aim

TREBLE is primarily being developed to assess and analyze the need to build knowledge and capacity among relevant players in the tourism sector on sustainable tourism development in the Baltic Sea Region. Aimed at small, medium and micro sized enterprises, SMMEs, the project is focusing on the application of a triple bottom line approach for a sustainable tourism development in cooperation with relevant travel trade organizations and other stakeholders in the region.
Establishing cross-border network

The project seeks to extend the already existing but fragmented networks of relevant actors with the aim to also establish a relevant network of partners for a second phase, larger project application, to showcase, develop and implement solutions that will not only help SMMEs comply with the ever increasing demands, but also demonstrate that sustainable tourism development based on a 3BL approach, doesn’t necessary mean an additional burden, but increases productivity/profitability while protecting environmental and social values.